Sharing the Love: Beagle Freedom Project

Me and my rescued dog, Sophie, in LA.

Since learning of the Beagle Freedom Project back in December via elephantjournal, I have continued to be touched by the stories and the efforts of this group.  The Beagle Freedom Project, located in Los Angeles, works with labs and testing sites to take beagles and place them in forever homes if and when they are no longer needed and used.  Before reading the article I had no idea beagles were even used in testing.

I wanted to post this article to draw attention to the good work being done to give these animals loving homes.  I don’t know the details of the testing, whys, or hows, but I feel warmed by the thought that there are people working to receive these animals and offer them lives and homes.

Yoga teacher, Kathryn Budig, teamed with Toesox to help raise money for the project. “Sox for a Cause”. The Beagle Freedom Project seems to be touching hearts and inspiring…

Here is the Beagle Freedom Project website with details of what they are doing and how people can help.  If you live in LA, maybe you could even bring a beagle home!

9 thoughts on “Sharing the Love: Beagle Freedom Project

  1. Shannon Keith

    Thank you so much for recognizing the importance of this project and getting the word out in such a beautiful way. People need to learn that animal testing is still happening, and happening in a big way! They can help by boycotting products that still test on animals, like Procter & Gamble, etc. For a full list of products made of cruelty, go to: and scroll to the bottom. You can also help by sharing this blog and spreading awareness! Thank you!

    1. DownDogDiva Post author

      Thank you! I was so touched by the Beagle Freedom Project Article on Elephant journal, and of course simultaneously saddened. The thing to embrace is the good work you and others are doing, and through awareness, cruelty can end. Thank you, Thank you!

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